Senior Scientist/Engineer – Heterogeneous Catalysis

About the Job

Dimensional Energy is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. We recognize that experience and talent are not always limited to the technical requirements of a job. If you have similar experience to the qualifications listed here, please consider applying. We strongly encourage those from marginalized and/or underrepresented identities to apply. If you need accommodations during the interview process, please let us know. 


Dimensional Energy, a leader in the production of sustainable fuels and other chemicals from carbon dioxide, is seeking a motivated, organized, experienced R&D Scientist/Engineer at our Tucson, AZ location. The lab is located at the University of Arizona Tech Park, with a field-testing site nearby. If you are experienced in the lab, have significant experience with heterogenous catalyst preparation and optimization, are passionate about combating climate change, and thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment, please consider joining our team.

Job Summary

The primary role of the Senior Scientist/Engineer is to lead projects related to catalyst development and integration into chemical reactors at our Tucson facilities. 


Pay and Benefits

  • The salary range for this position is $130,000-$160,000 based on experience.
  • Health, vision and dental insurance packages available. 
  • Unlimited paid time off for most positions.

Key Responsibilities

Activities will Include:  

  • Setting up a catalyst testing laboratory. 
  • Organizing and performing catalysis experiments for producing Syngas. 
  • Developing and screening catalysts, and optimizing commercial catalysts for Syngas, Fischer Tropsch, and hydrocracking.  
  • Materials characterization using a variety of analytical equipment, such as SEM, XRD, optical microscopes, DSC, and BET. 
  • Performing mechanical testing and failure analysis on metals and ceramics. 
  • Performing experiments ranging from lab-scale to pilot-scale. 
  • Utilizing equipment at the University of Arizona. 
  • Writing reports, grants, and project summaries. 
  • Assisting R&D team with test procedures, data analyses, summaries, and reports. 
  • Mentoring and training employees. 
  • Managing catalyst R&D and integration projects. 
  • Making sure records and lab notebooks are maintained meticulously. 
  • Innovating and helping secure Intellectual Property and patents. 
  • Maintaining laboratory space in accordance with safety regulations and Good Laboratory Practice. 
  • Ensuring all activities are completed in a timely fashion. 
  • Performing tasks with diligent attention to detail and high level of accuracy. 
  • Performs all work in a safe and professional manner. 


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • MS or PhD preferred with 5+ years' experience in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science, or related fields. 
  • Motivated and passionate about developing new technology to combat climate change. 
  • Knowledge of heterogeneous catalyst design, preparation, formulation development, optimization, testing, scaleup, and integration into thermocatalytic reactors.  
  • Specific experience with CO2 conversion, syngas, hydrogen and carbon dioxide chemistry, chemical reactor design, catalyst formulations, inorganic synthesis, materials characterization, Design of Experiments, and nanomaterials would be beneficial.  
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new subject matter. 
  • Experience using/maintaining a variety of laboratory equipment such as gas analyzers, mass flow/temperature/pressure controllers, ultra-high temperature furnaces, and ability to become proficient in new equipment quickly. 
  • Experience with rapid-screening of catalysts. 
  • Ability to lead and function as part of a team. 
  • Project management experience preferred. 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, data analysis software, Design of Experiments software, Python. 


About Dimensional Energy 

Dimensional Energy is a leader in the production of sustainable fuels. We develop proprietary technology to convert carbon dioxide into sustainable jet fuel, diesel, and other products. Our carbon utilization platform allows companies to recycle their emissions to replace the fossil carbon in their supply chain.  Our technology presents a true alternative to the extraction, refinement and burning of fossil carbon, all of which must cease in the coming decades in order to leave a livable planet for those who will come after us. Dimensional Energy recognizes that traditional fossil fuel extraction has disproportionately impacted communities of color and low-income communities. We are committed to a different path and aim to partner with local communities to ensure those impacted are included in the implementation and profit structure of our solutions. We envision a world free from fossil fuel dependency. We are growing quickly, come join us. 


To Apply: Send resume and letter of interest to Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line and where you saw the job posting.

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