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Climate justice
at work

Join our effort to neutralize a third of global emissions.

Add your expertise to the future of energy

We are united by a shared purpose—save the environment.

We are a team of multigenerational interdisciplinary engineers, entrepreneurs and experts in environmental equity, developing our own core intellectual property to pair with established and emerging technologies for revolutionary impact.

Here, life experience is as essential as education. We are inventors passionate about improving society for all: skateboard makers, tractor mechanics, urban planners, biochar buffs, parents, teachers, mentors and always students.

At Dimensional, if it’s meaningful to you, it’s meaningful to the planet.

Diversity on Common Ground

Climate justice requires people of different identities, backgrounds, expertise, and even politics, come together to process the present for the sake of a prosperous future.

We are committed to building a foundation of understanding which fosters inclusion and celebrates the expertise of all. Our work facilitates conversations which are challenging with established models and intuitive with common goals in place.

Local Knowledge, Transnational Technology

Supporting energy sovereignty around the world requires a diverse and distributed team and comes with the opportunity to work anywhere.

Whether you’re joining us at an established location, or working remotely from the place you know best, you can leverage your position to ensure the equitable and effective implementation of our technology.

Our current locations:
Ithaca, New York
Tuscon, Arizona

Upcoming locations:
Seneca Nation
Northern California
Southern California
British Columbia

Current Openings

Pilot Plant Operator

In this position you will help with the construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance of an innovative gas-to-liquids plant in Tucson, AZ.

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